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“Digital Excavation” course (MOOC)

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Introduction to the course:

The DELTA course “Digital Excavation” is a blended course, delivered via the online platform, as well as with face to face and on-site learning.

The online part of the course will be delivered through the MOOC platform. The Online course is open to all, while the Blended course is only for the students of archaeology studying in the Universities/ partners of DELTA consortium.

After the course, selected students from each partner University with their Professor/educator will be given the opportunity to be trained and work together in multinational groups in a joint excavation (Intensive Study Programme-ISP), in the historical site of Marathon, Greece, so as to benefit from knowledge and skills exchange.

The DELTA course is structured in 4 main Modules:

The course “Digital Excavation” offers an advanced training for the students of Archaeology as well as Archaeologists and Professionals in Culture Heritage in order to acquire essential knowledge, digital competences and 21st century skills. In this regard, the learners shall develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Who is this course for?

The DELTA Blended course addresses:

The DELTA Online course addresses:

What will you achieve?

The course addresses the needs of students or graduates as well as professionals who want to know more and build up their digital and soft skills as well as their transferable and digital competences towards Digital Excavation, Digital Documentation, 3D modeling and VR techniques in preservation of archaeological sites, Public Archaeology.

Structure of the course:

  1. Learners will need - approximately - 10 hours of learning per week, for each Unit of the 4 Modules in this course.
  2. The programme offers training on 4 modules.
  3. Digital training material will be available online and you will be able to join a community of peers by participating in open discussions and active interaction through a forum.
  4. Within the DELTA fora, learners and tutors will be able to discuss topics and relevant issues regarding Digital Excavation, Archaeology and digital technologies, Cultural Heritage, Open – air Museums, Public Archaeology.
  5. The course is provided free of charge.

How to earn the Certificate of EUHeritage course?

Upon completion of the course and succeeding in at least the 80% of both learning material and of graded activities (quizzes), learners will be able to achieve the Certificate of Completion. The Online Course includes self-assessment with quizzes (closed –end questions). The Blended Course includes virtual sessions with the Tutors and practical activities.

Open badges will be awarded to learners after the successful completion of each Module. For those who complete successfully all modules, will be awarded the Golden Badge!

ECTS Credits

The DELTA Online course offers 4 ECTS, while the Blended Course offers 6 ECTS credits. The Blended Course with the ISP offers 8 ECTS.


This course was developed by:

Hellenic Open University,
DAISSy research group


Department of History and Archaeology
University of Athens


Post-graduate School of Archaeology - DiCEM
University of Basilicata


Department of Archaeology and Museology
Masaryk University

Czech Republic

in the framework of the European Erasmus Plus project


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