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Introduction to the course:

This MOOC for teachers has been developed within the framework of the project “CrowdDreaming: Youth co-create digital culture”.

The aim of this project is to raise teachers' awareness about digital cultural heritage and prepare them for providing support to young people in developing digital cultural heritage projects.

The program includes 6 themes:

Opening module

  1. The Art of Crowddreaming method
  2. Project development
  3. Digital Tools for Digital Content Creation
  4. Digital Storytelling
  5. Digital Cultural Heritage
  6. Media literacy


On the light of what mentioned above, and in line with selected call specific objective, the project CDDC will address the following challenges:

  • Enhance the value of the cultural heritage as mean to promote the European identity, common values, cultural dialogue and understanding
  • Include disadvantaged audience in the fruition of digital cultural assets, promoting the value of Digital Cultural Heritage as a mean for social inclusion
  • Promote the use of innovative and content-based learning education in the field of culture
  • Facilitate the acquisition of digital competences for both teachers and students
  • Increase public awareness (among schools, education systems, civil society organisations, communities, policy-makers) on the value of Cultural heritage as a mean for European values education and social inclusion

Structure of the course:


This course was developed by:

All Digital (Telecentre-Europe AISBL)
Stati Generali dell'Innovazione (SGI)
Centar tehničke kulture Rijeka (CTC)
Latvijas Informācijas un komunikācijas tehnoloģijas asociācija (LIKTA)
Hellenic Open University (HOU)
in the framework of the European Erasmus Plus project

"CrowdDreaming: Youth co-create digital culture"

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